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Join the ESP Haarlem family (lucky us!)

How to join

If you haven't been to Monday morning playgroup before and would like to see if it's a good fit for you, come and join us! You don't need to join ESP to come for the first time, just come and say hello.


If you decide you would like to join, there are two options:

If you would like to join ESP and also pay in advance for playgroup for all of 2024, please choose 2024 ESP membership + unlimited playgroup.

To join ESP Haarlem without paying upfront for the whole year of playgroup, please choose 2024 ESP Membership. If you decide you would like to come to some playgroup sessions in 2024, we would love to see you! You can pay separately per session with the member playgroup single session of 2.50€/child.

Starting in 2024, we are offering a Monday morning playgroup only option, called our guest playgroup single session for 3.50€/child. This is for those who only want to join us on Monday mornings and not the ESP memberships (events and other meet-ups).

The yearly membership fee is used to hire venues and organize events for all of our members throughout the year.

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