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ESP Haarlem - any questions?

Who runs ESP Haarlem?

Why do I have to pay to join?

Which membership option should I choose?

How can I stay up to date?

What if I won't be coming to Monday playgroup?

Who are the members?

ESP Haarlem is an informele vereniging run by a small group of volunteers. If you would like to get involved in running ESP, organising events or meet-ups or helping with playgroup, get in touch! 

The annual donations to ESP Haarlem are used to pay rent on the premises for Monday playgroup, to rent venues for seasonal celebrations and events and to organise events and meet-ups for our members.

There is no additional charge for any of the seasonal events or meet-ups throughout the year. In recent years, this has included an Easter egg hunt, Summer parties and picnics, Halloween, Sinterklaas and Christmas events for parents and kids, and various evening drinks and hobby groups.

We offer two types of membership, priced at 27.50€  and 57.50€. If you plan on coming to playgroup more than twice a month, plus the seasonal events, meet-ups and socials, it's best to choose the "Playgroup+ ESP Haarlem" 57.50€ membership. This membership option inludes all of the Monday playgroup sessions for the year.

If you are planning on joining us mostly for the seasonal events, weekend meet-ups and socials, it would be best to choose the 27.50€ "ESP Haarlem" membership. And if you'd like to come to playgroup, you're more than welcome, each session costs 2€/family, payable online.

Both membership types run for a full calendar year (January 1st- December 31st). From September on, we offer membership for the following year (so if you join in September, October, November or December 2022, your membership will end at the end of 2023).

Follow us on Instagram or get in touch via email! We look forward to hearing from you!

If you choose to join ESP, please turn on post notifications on our members' Facebook group.

When you join, you can choose to receive our email newsletter and/or to join our Whatsapp updates group, which is used to send updates on playgroup, meet-ups and events. You don't need to worry about being swamped with notifications - the group is only used for updates from the committee.

ESP Haarlem is so much more than 'just' a playgroup!


We have families with children of all ages - some are 'playgroup regulars', others have 'graduated' from playgroup and gone on to full time school and there are families with older children who join us for events and celebrations. 

Seasonal celebrations like Halloween, our Easter egg hunt, Sinterklaas party and Summer picnic are always a fun way to share traditions from home.

We meet up during school holidays, weekends and on weekday afternoons so there are plenty of opportunities for the older children to get together. 

We are lucky enough to have members from all over the world. Some of us have been living in the Netherlands for many years; some have just arrived and are busy exploring and settling in. Our families have children of all ages - in addition to Monday playgroup we plan afternoon, weekend and school holiday meet-ups for children in full-time school. We ask for your children's ages when you join ESP, so that we can be sure to plan events for all of our members. 

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