Mai van Geven Hammad, 40


Born as an expat in Kuwait, I meet my husband in Malta and we have a daughter and a Son 6 and 3, and we both work. ESP was suggested to me by my maternity nurse during my first pregnancy, it has always been a great way to meet other expats, I made many dear friends through ESP and I got lots of tips and ideas, I enjoyed being part of many sub groups, its a nice small and safe community. It helped me a lot to settle down in NL.

Willem Timmers, 42


I have been living in Spain and abroad for most of the time. Married to a German, who spent most her life in London. It is nice to find like minded people and the kids love the events. 

Charlotte van Rijn-Stinger, 38

United Kingdom

We moved from London to Amsterdam and reluctantly moved to Haarlem in search of a garden. We found the garden and also found ESP. I say ‘we’ because my husband has also made some firm friends over the years with the menfolk. Many of our friends have since moved on, such is the transient nature of being an expat but that means we now have fabulous friends all over the world thanks to ESP

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Martin Meckesheimer, 46


I'm a dad of a 3 year old son. My wife (American) and I have been living in The Netherlands for 3.5 years. We enjoy the ESP family events. It is a great way to meet other local families. 

Vicci Lee, 37

United Kinkdom

ESP has been a lifeline for me since I moved to Haarlem. Playgroup helped me find my feet, new friends and a social life outside of being a mum.

Mathilde Joubert, 34


I relocated from London with my family one year ago and joining ESP was the first thing I did when arriving in Haarlem. It gave us new friends and access to some amazing events!

Emily Miles, 32

United States

I'm American with two kids. Even though I have lived in the Netherlands for almost 12 years, joining ESP helped me so much when our family moved to Heemstede three and a half years ago. I was able to quickly meet wonderful new people and it helped me feel more settled in our new home

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Annual donation to join ESP is €25 per year.
Donation to join the International Playgroup is €2 per session per family, to be paid at the playgroup or alternatively, an annual donation of €30 for the playgroup will be accepted, if you prefer not paying weekly.

It is compulsory to be a member of ESP in order to join the playgroup.

​Your money is used ONLY to pay for the rent of the Klarenhof and pay for events.
To join us, please make your payment using the details below, adding your FULLNAME followed by ESP, (for English Speaking Haarlem) or BOTH (for ESP and the yearly playgroup charge).

When your payment has been processed you will receive a welcome e-mail and an invitation to join our Facebook group.
*Yearly donations are collected in January.  From July onwards, half memberships are also accepted - ESP becomes 12.50 and ESP/PG is 27.50. 

​via direct debit to the account of CR van Rijn-Stinger
Account number: NL31 RABO 0329 2655 12



ESP is about getting families together and enjoying events throughout the year. At the events we like to take photos to post in our Facebook group (closed group) or to share here on our website. When attending such events it is possible that photos will be taken of your family by not only, members of the ESP committee but also by other parents who may then post them on Facebook. ESP asks for your understanding in this as it would be almost impossible to prevent everyone from taking photos and potentially sharing them. Should you have any concerns about having you and your family identified, please do let us know by emailing or messaging below automatically to: with PHOTO PERMISSIONS in the subject or message field.


ESP will use the contact details that you provide when you become a member to send you information about future ESP news and events. If you would like to receive emails about ESP activities, please e-mail / message us below.  At any time you may exercise your opt-out right by emailing: or message below with 

NEWSLETTER OPT-OUT in the subject or message field.

You have doubts or questions? E-mail us: